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Our festival flags are all that's required to stand out in the crowd and be seen by everyone at the festival you are at. Festival flags are the latest new alternative to conventional flags that have been around for years. Telescopic and portable the festival flags provide immediate impact.

Festival flags can be used at any type of festival and they are very helpful when trying to remember where you are standing if you go to the toilet or leave your spot to go and get something to eat.

We have been manufacturing festival flags since 1982 and we are always moving with the times. Festival flags are the latest sexiest means of signage used by the trendiest festival goers, so don't get left behind by using the old conventional festival flags that can hardly be seen in the crowd.

And all of our festival flags have been tested and approved by the BSI safety standards authority and we supply a fire retardant safety certificate with every festival flag that we sell.

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Eclipse Flags Ltd, 11 Featherby Way, Purdeys Industrial Estate, Rochford, Essex SS41LD. Phone: 01702 531337, Email: sales@eclipseflags.com.