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We manufacture our event flags in our factory in Essex and we offer a large range of various shapes and sizes along with various mounting accessories, which include ground spikes, water weights, flat metal bases, permanent bases, wall mountings and an under-wheel vehicle base.

Our event flags are supplied ready-to-use, with everything you need in one strong and stylish bag. Your custom-printed event flag comes complete with a strong but light aluminium flagpole (number of sections depends on the flag height) plus at least one mounting base which can be used for either indoor or outdoor use, and the flag is very easily assembled in under five minutes.

Our event flags are digitally printed using water-based inks of the highest quality that do not run when they get wet. They give excellent image reproduction with vibrant colours and a naturally soft handle and hang when on display - as well as being environmentally friendly!


Call our sales team for a quote on 01702 531337
Or email sales@eclipseflags.com


Eclipse Flags Ltd, 11 Featherby Way, Purdeys Industrial Estate, Rochford, Essex SS41LD. Phone: 01702 531337, Email: sales@eclipseflags.com.